Shaking the Sunday Night Blues

You know the feeling. Sunday night. School tomorrow. And you really enjoyed sleeping in and doing weekend things and you’re sad because it’s over. The last Sunday night before school starts is the Sunday-Night-Bluest of all of the Sundays. Here are some tips to shake the SNBs, and some things to avoid. What not toContinue reading “Shaking the Sunday Night Blues”

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8 Steps for Dealing with difficult parents during Remote Schooling

Some parents are more challenging than others. We all have war stories. I’ve had parents defend their children’s lies, accuse me of losing papers that their child hadn’t handed in, and tell me they didn’t think the detention I assigned was appropriate. They didn’t think I liked their child. They send emails demanding an explanationContinue reading “8 Steps for Dealing with difficult parents during Remote Schooling”

Checking Out

The Governor just announced that school won’t be reopening until September, and that things would be “different” when we went back in September. All across the state, the collective sound of thousand of kids closing their laptops for good could be heard. There are 7 weeks of school left. I have content to cover, activitiesContinue reading “Checking Out”

I wasn’t ready!

We had warning that this was coming, but we didn’t know when. And then one day we were told not to come back the next day. My plants are still in my classroom. It’s been nearly 4 weeks. The first 2 weeks were an absolute blur. Hunched in front of a laptop attempting to makeContinue reading “I wasn’t ready!”