Today’s Buzzword: SEL

As a parent, and as a teacher, my priorities have always been: 1. Be safe. 2. Be happy. 3. Learn something. I have to trust my district and my superintendent that we’re safe at school. I ensure my students wear masks, wash hands like Lady MacBeth, and socially distance. I’m well trained and know howContinue reading “Today’s Buzzword: SEL”

Shaking the Sunday Night Blues

You know the feeling. Sunday night. School tomorrow. And you really enjoyed sleeping in and doing weekend things and you’re sad because it’s over. The last Sunday night before school starts is the Sunday-Night-Bluest of all of the Sundays. Here are some tips to shake the SNBs, and some things to avoid. What not toContinue reading “Shaking the Sunday Night Blues”

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Pinterest Classrooms

I love Back to School time! I love buying new lesson plan books and hanging new bulletin boards. I love setting up my desk with the pics of my kids and my pencil holder. But this year is different. My school is currently expected to start with a hybrid September – some students in personContinue reading “Pinterest Classrooms”