How to teach Limiting Factors and Carrying Capacity in Middle School

Middle schoolers sometimes have a small view of the world. Teaching limiting factors and carrying capacity in middle school helps students see the bigger picture of interactions. Exposing them to the ways that different species interact is a good start to helping them become better citizens and informed users of resources. What are limiting factorsContinue reading “How to teach Limiting Factors and Carrying Capacity in Middle School”

Using Tarsia Puzzles in Middle School Science

  What are tarsia puzzles Tarsia puzzles are a versatile and engaging tool for teaching science to middle school students. They provide a hands-on approach to learning and help students understand complex concepts in a fun and interactive way. In this blog post, we will explore the use of tarsia puzzles in 7th grade science classes andContinue reading “Using Tarsia Puzzles in Middle School Science”

Women in Science Resources for Middle Schoolers

Throughout history, women have made significant contributions to the field of science. Despite facing discrimination and obstacles, these women have broken down barriers and paved the way for future generations of female scientists. March is Women’s History Month and what better time to celebrate the women who have made science history! Rosalind Franklin Rosalind FranklinContinue reading “Women in Science Resources for Middle Schoolers”

Digital Word Search Puzzles

When I was a child, my grandmother bought me a word search book and I would spend hours finding words and getting lost in the puzzle. As I grew older, I discovered the world of digital word search puzzles and I’ve never looked back. Benefits of Digital Word Search Puzzles in middle school But itContinue reading “Digital Word Search Puzzles”

What is March Mammal Madness?

A few years ago, right at the end of the winter blues, I discovered March Mammal Madness. March Mammal Madness (MMM) is a popular educational activity for middle and high school science classes. It is a bracket-style competition that is modeled after the NCAA basketball tournament and is used to teach students about different mammalContinue reading “What is March Mammal Madness?”

Valentine’s Day Science Activities for Middle Schoolers

Do your seventh graders cast longing glances at each other, giggle without warning, and whisper in the halls? It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and, while love might not be on full display in the halls of my middle school, there’s a little bit of romance brewing here and there. I like to use whatever my studentsContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Science Activities for Middle Schoolers”

Trivia games in middle school science

I love bar trivia. If you’ve never played, bar trivia is a popular form of entertainment where patrons gather at a bar or pub to participate in a trivia game. These games are typically hosted by a trivia master or DJ and consist of multiple rounds of questions covering a variety of topics such asContinue reading “Trivia games in middle school science”

How to teach CER in middle school science

I got an email from a language arts teacher/coworker last week. She said she was using the CER (Claim Evidence Reasoning) framework for persuasive essays and asked if there is any common ground between our curricula. I nearly jumped for joy! CER is a technique for writing a lab conclusion in which students state theirContinue reading “How to teach CER in middle school science”

Book Review: The Story of the Earth in 25 Rocks

Engaging kids is challenging. I love science, but not everyone finds it as interesting as I do. It’s so frustrating when I’ve crafted a lesson that I think is so interesting and it falls flat. It’s tough to engage middle schoolers in science. One of the quickest ways I’ve found to get kids interested in science,Continue reading “Book Review: The Story of the Earth in 25 Rocks”

Human Body Systems Resources for Middle School

Middle and high school students need a working knowledge of the parts of the human body and how they interact, yet often times science teachers are ill prepared to help students with this content. There are 12 systems of the human body, and for each system, teachers need a slide show and notes, a handsContinue reading “Human Body Systems Resources for Middle School”