35% off sale now through January 1, 2023

TWO giant sales are hitting the ground this week. First, the JustAddH2OSchool store is celebrating its anniversary by offering 35% off EVERYTHING in the store! Use coupon code H2O22 to save 35% off everything from now until January 1, 2023! Click here to shop:   The TPT Cyber Monday 2022 sale is here! Nearly everythingContinue reading “35% off sale now through January 1, 2023”

Two Secrets to a Great Jigsaw Activity

Is it just me, or are students a bit less motivated this year? My middle schoolers are far less prepared to dig deep and persevere through problems. They exert more energy finding excuses not to do their work than it would take to just do it. Some people blame the pandemic – after all, theContinue reading “Two Secrets to a Great Jigsaw Activity”

Virtual Field Trips on Sale – now through Thanksgiving!

Happy Fall, y’all! While you’re wearing your fuzzy sweaters and drinking your pumpkin spice lattes, check out these virtual tours. Our best selling virtual field trip resources are on sale – 50% off now through Thanksgiving. How do you use Virtual Field Trips? enrichment for early finishers extension of content, i.e. use the Death ValleyContinue reading “Virtual Field Trips on Sale – now through Thanksgiving!”

Spiders Mini Unit

Spiders are fascinating. They’re creepy yet incredibly important in the ecosystem. Engage your middle schoolers in a spider mini unit that allows them to spend a whole week exploring the characteristics and classification of spiders. Why should I teach a spider mini unit? In a word, spiders are fun. Students are instantly curious, and theContinue reading “Spiders Mini Unit”

How to teach Relative Age

What is Relative Age? Relative dating is determining if one rock or fossil is older or younger than another rock or fossil. To determine the actual age of a rock or fossil, scientists must use absolute dating which uses radiometric decay. Sometimes, rock layers are disturbed by forces such as pressure, eruptions, and earthquakes. WhenContinue reading “How to teach Relative Age”

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

Twenty percent of US high school students reported being bullied on school property over the past year (Source: National Day Today https://nationaltoday.com/national-bullying-prevention-month/). On the long list of things that teachers are responsible for, there are few that are more important than helping to prevent bullying. And, at least in my experience, there are fewer thingsContinue reading “October is National Bullying Prevention Month”

Climate Change Lesson Plans

Why teach Climate Change Why should we teach climate change in middle school science? I’m sure science teachers all over the world don’t need the answer to this question, but here are the top 2 reasons: Science is real. Climate deniers and conspiracy theorists have a very large megaphone and social media loves them. StudentsContinue reading “Climate Change Lesson Plans”