Back to school Bulletin Board for middle school science

My school, at least as of now, will be wearing masks at the beginning of the new school year. I’m going to take advantage of my students’ familiarity with masks and incorporate them in my back to school bulletin board for middle school science. I’ve chosen a few famous scientific figures – Albert Einstein, RosalindContinue reading “Back to school Bulletin Board for middle school science”

Science and Language Arts – Cross Curricular Opportunities

LAL and Science❤️Perfect Together I love my Language arts coworkers, but it’s not often that there are crossovers between our curriculums.  I’m always on the look out for some cross curricular opportunities for science and language arts teachers and have come up with a short list of books that are middle school appropriate and actuallyContinue reading “Science and Language Arts – Cross Curricular Opportunities”

FREE Plate Tectonics Boom Cards

The plate tectonics unit of my middle school science curriculum is fun – lots of hands on activities and really engaging projects. But students still find memorizing the different boundaries and faults. Have you tried Boom cards? They’re digital flash cards that self correct so students can repeat until mastery. My students love them andContinue reading “FREE Plate Tectonics Boom Cards”

Cardboard Tube Science

Cardboard tube science – Save your toilet paper and paper towel tubes! Here are 9 science activities you can do in your middle school classroom with your cardboard tubes! Tunnels and support structures for your marble roller coasters or marble run walls. Build bridges or or hold tallest tower contests. Build a model rocket, dinosaur,Continue reading “Cardboard Tube Science”

Teaching the States of Matter

Students learn the states of matter in primary school science, so middle schoolers already know the basics. When middle school teachers are teaching the states of matter, our students have a good foundation from primary school but we need to expand on previous knowledge. Middle school science standards include phase changes and exploration of theContinue reading “Teaching the States of Matter”

Teaching the Scientific Method

First up at the beginning of every school year are 2 important topics: safety and the scientific method. Teaching the scientific method can be an opportunity for you to observe your new students and identify strengths and weaknesses in group work, communication skills, analysis skills, and the ability to think outside the box. How doContinue reading “Teaching the Scientific Method”

Scientific Method Freebie

Every middle school science teacher I know starts every school year with the scientific method. We learn the steps, we analyze how they apply in various situations, and we move on. What if we could find a way for students to apply the scientific method to a problem that actually might help them? And whatContinue reading “Scientific Method Freebie”

Advice for new science teachers

You’re about the start your first year as a science teacher. The first year or two is exciting but also intimidating. It feels like there’s so much to learn and you probably can’t wait to get in there and get your hands dirty. We asked veteran middle school science teachers what they wish they’d knownContinue reading “Advice for new science teachers”

What do teachers do all summer?

Because I work a 10 month job, I am often asked “What do teachers do all summer?” Truthfully, it just flies by. I usually take a week staycation to just recover – sleep late, clean my house, read a book. My husband and I will probably go on a vacation (well, not last year andContinue reading “What do teachers do all summer?”

Create Self-Grading Quizzes

I don’t have enough time in my day. Between planning, lab set up, lab clean up, and grading, my “free time” is basically zero. If there’s any way I can save a little time, I’ll do it.  We had to switch to digital assessments in March 2020 because of the pandemic, and making them self-gradingContinue reading “Create Self-Grading Quizzes”