Natural Disaster Resources for Middle Schoolers

There are very few natural disaster resources available for middle school teachers. Activities about earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires are often too babyish for middle school students and rarely address the standards that middle school teachers need to reach. The Next Generation Science Standards for middle school includes MS-ESS3-2 which asks students to be aware ofContinue reading “Natural Disaster Resources for Middle Schoolers”

Thanksgiving activities for Middle School Science

You know that last day or two before Thanksgiving? Kids are wired, some kids are already on vacation, and you have to entertain them for 2 days. This year in particular, I’m not planning to cover content on those days.  The Thanksgiving activities for my middle school science classes are activities that practice skills withoutContinue reading “Thanksgiving activities for Middle School Science”

Lunar Eclipse Viewer’s Guide

There will be a lunar eclipse visible throughout most of the United States on the morning of November 19, 2021. To download your free viewer’s guide for the November 19th lunar eclipse, click here.   What is a Lunar Eclipse? A lunar eclipse occurs when the shadow of the Earth blocks sunlight from reaching theContinue reading “Lunar Eclipse Viewer’s Guide”

Top 5 reasons why I Greet my Students at the Door

In middle school, there are 3-5 minutes between periods. That’s enough time for a quick trip to the bathroom or copy room. Enough time to post attendance or check email. But it’s also prime time to set the stage for the next period. Here’s why I greet my students at the door. Greeting students atContinue reading “Top 5 reasons why I Greet my Students at the Door”

“Back to Normal”

We’re not quite back to normal even though we’re trying our hardest to pretend that we are. School year 20-21 was bizarre around the world. Virtual school, hybrid, asynchronous, synchronous, cohorts – whatever your school did, it was weird. We had a lot of pivoting to do to adjust to the “new normal” last yearContinue reading ““Back to Normal””

Flipped Learning in Middle School Science

Flipped learning in middle school science is a pedagogical approach in which direct instruction is completed by the student independently and interactive learning, practice and reinforcement occurs as a group in the classroom. This “flip” reinvents the traditional passive lecture in class followed by independent practice at home, changing the priority from passive to activeContinue reading “Flipped Learning in Middle School Science”

5E Science Lesson Plans

What is the 5E model lesson plan? 5E Science lesson plans use the 5E model and can help support student learning and growth through inquiry based instruction. Traditional science instruction employed a “sage on the stage” mentality where the instructor, who knew all of the answers, imparted his or her wisdom upon the students viaContinue reading “5E Science Lesson Plans”

Interactive Virtual Field Trips

What is an Interactive Virtual Field Trip There are times when talking about something just isn’t good enough. Great examples are glaciers, deserts and canyons. Even if my school allowed field trips post pandemic (mine hasn’t) there are still plenty of places I want my students to “visit” that aren’t possible. During remote schooling, IContinue reading “Interactive Virtual Field Trips”