Setting up your new Science Classroom

A well-equipped science classroom is the foundation for engaging and impactful scientific exploration. There have been three  times in my career when I was gifted an empty classroom and told to make it into a science lab for middle schoolers. An empty classroom is like a blank canvas. The great thing about it is thatContinue reading “Setting up your new Science Classroom”

Summer Games

Summer Spot the Differences   Summer Crossword Summer Word Find   More Summer Games Swimming Learn about Newton’s Third Law and Hydrodynamics with these two hands on activities exploring the science of swimming. Includes 2 hands on activities: Marble Marvels – Use marbles to demonstrate action and reaction forces. What a Drag – Test theContinue reading “Summer Games”

‘Twas the Night Before Break

Twas the night before break, in the science class. Excitement was brewing, a feeling so vast. The students were restless, with minds all astray, Anticipating the freedom, the end of the day.   In the classroom, the buzz was very loud, As they wrapped up the year, the teacher felt proud. The whiteboard adorned withContinue reading “‘Twas the Night Before Break”

Try a set of Free Boom Cards!

Are Boom cards appropriate for middle schoolers? I first tried Boom Cards in my middle school science classroom during the pandemic. We were teaching via Zoom (ugh – I hate to even think of those days!) and I was struggling with engagement (weren’t we all?). I remember asking all of my teacher friends how theyContinue reading “Try a set of Free Boom Cards!”

End of Year Activities for Middle School Science

You’ve finished your curriculum and your kids are ready to go! How can you keep them busy and entertained and, if you’re lucky, teach them a little science? Here are my top 8 end of year activities for middle school science. Virtual Field Trips There are times when talking about something just isn’t good enough.Continue reading “End of Year Activities for Middle School Science”

End of Year Science Awards

End of year science awards End of year science awards are tradition in some schools, and just a nice “feel good” moment in other schools. I print certificates with the color copier, although I have occasionally sprung for mini trophies or medals that I doctor up with my Cricut. Use school colors, add your officialContinue reading “End of Year Science Awards”

Have your science classes outdoors!

  It’s definitely spring here in the northeast! Daffodils are up, forsythia are blooming, and the kids have (just a touch of) spring fever! Here are some ways to take advantage of the warmer weather and have your science classes outdoors! Nature Walks Take your students on a nature walk around your school or inContinue reading “Have your science classes outdoors!”

Try Boom Cards!

As technology continues to advance, more and more educators are looking for ways to integrate it into their classrooms to enhance the learning experience for their students. One such tool that has gained popularity in recent years is Boom Cards. When I decided to try Boom cards, it was with the intent of creating fastContinue reading “Try Boom Cards!”

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is an annual event that takes place during the first full week of May. It is a time to show our gratitude for the dedicated and hardworking teachers who play a crucial role in shaping the future of our society. During this week, we have the opportunity to recognize and honor theContinue reading “Teacher Appreciation Week”