Checking Out

The Governor just announced that school won’t be reopening until September, and that things would be “different” when we went back in September.

All across the state, the collective sound of thousand of kids closing their laptops for good could be heard.

There are 7 weeks of school left. I have content to cover, activities planned, assessments planned. And they are D.O.N.E. The Governor might just as well have said “Early summer vacation!” because that’s what they heard.

There are two ways to cope with student check-out.

  1. Up the stakes. Increase accountability, tighten the reins. Give high stakes assessments and long essays to write. Let them learn that slacking off produces poor results.
  2. Let ’em go. Release the pressure. Play games. Make it fun, interesting, compelling and stress free. Sneak in some learning while you’re doing this.

What’s the middle ground? What’s best for kids? Where is the compromise?

Please help me! What are your end of year motivation strategies to keep kids on track? How are you keeping your kids motivated now that school is “out?”

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