Teaching the Scientific Method

First up at the beginning of every school year are 2 important topics: safety and the scientific method. Teaching the scientific method can be an opportunity for you to observe your new students and identify strengths and weaknesses in group work, communication skills, analysis skills, and the ability to think outside the box. How doContinue reading “Teaching the Scientific Method”

Equinox Myths

The reason for the seasons Do you teach seasons? It’s not normally part of my curriculum, but I always spend a day un-teaching equinox myths. There’s a lot of misunderstanding out there. Here are the things my students claim are true, until I straighten them out. Equinox Myths: You can balance an egg on theContinue reading “Equinox Myths”

Fall In Love with Science Teaching Again

I love what I do. Not every minutes, and sometimes not even every day. But I love what I do. Here are some of my favorite reasons to fall in love with science teaching today: That moment when the kids say “Ooooh, I get it!” The kid who says “This is my favorite class!” EverybodyContinue reading “Fall In Love with Science Teaching Again”

Density Activities for Middle School Science Students

Middle school students need to understand density and also need to be able to use the formulas to calculate density, mass, and volume. Here are some activities to help build depth to your density unit. Start with a phenomenon. An easy one is a latex balloon filled with helium and another balloon filled with air.Continue reading “Density Activities for Middle School Science Students”

Problem Based Learning Ideas for Middle School Science

A Problem Based Learning Activity is an open ended challenge that asks students to solve a problem or create a product incorporating skills or content they have mastered. Alternately, the PBL can be used to introduce skills or lead students to discover content on their own. Problem based learning is student centered learning which increasesContinue reading “Problem Based Learning Ideas for Middle School Science”