Strange New World

Are your classes being held remotely? Mine are.

Steep learning curve. Students signing in, teachers wifi not working, miscommunication. Bumps. But nothing insurmountable, and today (day 2) was pretty smooth.

Then I went for a walk. To the park. Which had been overflowing with teenagers who were not socially distancing themselves.

Down the block were locked parks.

When people were on the sidewalk coming toward me, I crossed the street to keep from catching whatever they might be carrying. I lunge at the phone, eager for human contact. I do a check on my own health (Any sore throat? Any chills?) all the time, and scrub my hands whenever I see a sink.

How are you handling social isolation/distancing?

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2 thoughts on “Strange New World

  1. In South Africa we have only just climbed onto the Corona bandwagon. And in my province, the Eastern Cape, there have not yet been any cases. That we know of. Our schools have closed though. For 3 weeks instead of 10 days, so we’ll see. I don’t think we are ready for the full impact felt by other countries. Strongs to you!

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