Silver Linings

No, of course Quaran-Teaching is not what I want. I miss my kids. I miss my coworkers. I worry constantly about the health of everyone and the safety of many. Most of my identity is “teacher,” so I miss knowing who I am.

But let’s be honest. It ain’t all bad.

Teacher Bladder? Waiting for a time to use the bathroom used to be a challenge. Maybe someone will be coming down the hall? Maybe the 3 minutes between classes will be enough time?

Hey girl, I'll watch your class... Take all the pee breaks you ...

4 meals a day. Since high schools in the US start school as early as 7:30 in the morning, my lunch is scheduled for 11 am, which means I’m ready for dinner by 3:00. Which means I’m ready for second dinner by 7. Less than ideal. In theory, working from home should help me have a more “normal” meal schedule. That may or may not be working out…’ve heard of the “quarantine fifteen,” haven’t you?

A Collection Of the Funniest Quarantine Weight Gain Memes

Fitbit At work, I easily log 7,000 steps just in my normal regular day. A few laps around the block later and I’m comfortably in the 10,000 range. Working from home, it’s not unusual for me to check my Fitbit at noon and be in the 435 range.


Pets. My pup is thrilled when I get home from work. She’s also thrilled that I am constantly home. More petting, more walking. The emotional well being of my dog is higher now than ever.

Quarantine And Chill Day 3: Why 'Love Is Blind' Binge-worthy ...

Commute? My normal work commute is about 1/2 hour each way – certainly not terrible. But an extra hour every day is such a gift!

my commute is so short i can't listen to my morning playlist ...

I get to meet my students’ pets. ‘Nuff said.

News about #zoom on Twitter

Muting kids. Actual time in class is far more efficient.

Appreciation. Everyone needs it. Parents trying to support their children’s education are starting to recognize the challenges of teaching, especially in the younger grades. Students who have challenges at home appreciate the structure we’re providing.

Hall Duty, Bus Duty, Class Coverages. All gone.


Sunshine and roses? Of course not. But if you’re only seeing the clouds, look again. The daily annoyances are different now. There are silver linings.

Be well, Friends!

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