Boom Cards for Middle School?

Boom cards are all the rage nowadays for elementary school teachers.

Boom Cards are digital interactive flash cards and they’re a great resource for distance learning. If you’re not familiar, follow this link to a sample Boom Card deck or click here for my basic Boom Card tutorial.

The majority of users I know, however, are all elementary teachers. As a 30+ year middle school teacher, I was excited to find a new remote learning resource, especially one that is easy for teachers to use and easy for students to learn.

The Boom Card interface isn’t as user friendly as other digital resources so I avoided it for a while. Another reason I was avoiding Boom Cards is that I thought it costs $35 per year to use, and I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate for my middle schoolers. Yesterday, I poked around a little and discovered that there is a free membership that is pretty robust – you can create your own Boom Card decks or purchase from a huge library. There are also many free decks available. Click here to join

The first set I created was a review set for one of my classes who are learning about subatomic particles. To review how to calculate protons, neutrons, and electrons, I would have probably played some kind of game in class, but now that we’re learning remotely, I had to think outside the box.

The atomic structure set I created has 28 cards. Each one provides information necessary to determine either the atomic number, mass number, the number of protons, neutrons, or electrons.

One of the reason I like Boom cards is that it allows student a second chance if they get the question wrong. I also like it because students can set their own pace while they’re studying. Oftentimes in school, review games become races to see who can finish first and speed isn’t a factor in Boom Cards.

Here’s a link to the atomic structure Boom cards for sale in my TpT store.



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