Free Course offerings from the San Diego Zoo Global Academy

Some great offerings for science students, teachers, and parents:

We’re Here Together – #WereHereTogether – 12 weeks worth of free content available for teachers and students ages 13 and up. Each week offers a different on-line learning module.

San Diego Zoo Bids Farewell To Giant Panda Gao Gao | KPBS

Here are the courses:

  • Cats – cheetahs, lions, tigers
  • Mammals – rhinos, elephants, giraffes
  • Monkeys – Old World monkeys, baboons
  • Primates – great apes, gorillas, orangutans, lemurs
  • Bears – polar bears, giant pandas
  • Birds – penguins, condors
  • Endangered species
  • Marsupials and Monotremes – kangaroos, koalas
  • Reptiles

All courses are free and require a free registration. Access the courses here.

I am in no way affiliated with San Diego Zoo Global Academy.

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