FREE Plate Tectonics Boom Cards

The plate tectonics unit of my middle school science curriculum is fun – lots of hands on activities and really engaging projects. But students still find memorizing the different boundaries and faults.

Have you tried Boom cards? They’re digital flash cards that self correct so students can repeat until mastery. My students love them and I bet yours will too. They’re not difficult to make and I have a set for just about every chapter I teach. If you subscribe to the platform ($35/year), you can use all kinds of data to track your students’ progress, but you can use the Boom cards even without a subscription.

Here’s a link to download your first set of Boom cards to help your students review the vocabulary of tectonic plates. This Boom deck has 28 cards and reviews vocabulary such as convergent, divergent and transform.


free plate tectonics boom cards


This activity will work with a free Boom card membership, but if you love them you might consider upgrading. If you don’t have a Boom card membership, use my referral code for 10% off!

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