Cardboard Tube Science

Cardboard tube science – Save your toilet paper and paper towel tubes! Here are 9 science activities you can do in your middle school classroom with your cardboard tubes!

cardboard tube science

What can cardboard tubes be used for?

  • Tunnels and support structures for your marble roller coasters or marble run walls.
  • Build bridges or or hold tallest tower contests.
  • Build a model rocket, dinosaur, or robot.
  • Use the paper towel tubes as a base for your rubber band, ping pong ball, pom pom, or cotton ball launcher.
  • Cardboard tubes make great balloon cars.
  • Use paper towel tubes as the structural support for a pulley engineering game.
  • Small cardboard tubes make great containers for soil to start seeds.
  • Smear the cardboard tubes with peanut butter and roll them in bird seed for an easy bird feeder activity.
  • Create mystery tubes from small toilet paper tubes and use them to introduce scientific inquiry.


Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

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