Back to School!

Back to school sales started weeks ago. Whether you’re filled with anticipation or excitement, there’s no denying that it’s time to adjust our thoughts from hammocks to lesson planning, and from beach parties to classroom preparation. It feels bittersweet to me. I love love love my job, but I also love love love my summers 🙂  I hope these last few precious minutes of relaxation are filled with moments of solace, where you can gather your thoughts, recharge your spirits, and savor the calm before the storm. These precious minutes serve as a reminder of the dedication, passion, and unwavering commitment that teachers bring to the classroom, ready to embark on a new chapter of inspiration, growth, and endless possibilities.

back to school

Sit back and relax for just a few more minutes. You deserve it.

Back to School Word Find

Back to School Crossword Puzzle

Back to School – Spot the Differences


Need a jump start on lesson planning for that first few weeks. Here are some ideas:

lab safety for middle schoolLab Safety Activities


18 slide Google SlideShow, Digital escape room activity, and a 20 question self-grading digital quiz


First Day of School – Social Media Hashtag Activity




First Day of School – What matters to me




9 fun “minute to win it” activities.

Back to School Sale!

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