Index of Spring Resources

Celebrate the spring equinox with resources for your middle school science classroom:

  • The Science of the Seasons – 9 interactive slides for students to drag and drop information about how the revolution of the earth produces seasons.This activity works for earth science units as well as aspecial lesson that you can use to introduce the seasons independently.spring resources




  • Rainbow Science – This is not the arts and crafts rainbow projects that primary students complete. This resource helps middle school students understand the physics of the formation of rainbows. Self guided exploration into refraction, dispersion and reflection.spring resources








  • A Week of Butterflies – Celebrate the quintessential spring animal in this week long unit on butterflies. Springing from an exploration into Monarch population declines, students complete independent research, a hands on activity, and a carousel activity to learn about complete metamorphosis in Monarch butterflies and learn about mimicry and camouflage in butterfly populations.spring resources




  • The Science of Basketball – Celebrate March Madness with some hands on  activities about basketballs in this easy to use 2 day activity. This activity works well as a scientific method activity in that itr eviews variables and controls. It also works well as an independent unit to engage middle schoolers in science during March Madness.spring resources




Do you celebrate the seasons in your classroom? What kinds of middle school science spring resources do you use in your classroom?

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