Virtual Field Trip to the Tropical Rainforest

What is an Interactive Virtual Field Trip

There are times when talking about something just isn’t good enough. Great examples are glaciers, deserts and canyons. There are still plenty of places I want my middle school science students to “visit” that just aren’t possible. An interactive virtual field trip allows students to learn about a remote location, as well as its geology and ecosystem, without leaving their desks. Incorporating videos and interesting articles to read along with some guided questions allows students to experience places they would ordinarily not be able to go.

How do you do an interactive virtual field trip?

The format for your interactive virtual field trip can be any format that your students can access. The virtual field trips I use in my classroom are all hyperdocs with links to videos and articles embedded along with guided questions.

The Tropical Rainforest

tropical rainforest virtual tourThe virtual field trip starts out on the NASA Earth Observatory site.  Students learn the characteristics of tropical rainforests and where they can be found.   Then, students use the ActiveWild web site to learn about the layers of the rainforest. Students learn about the Amazon rainforest and explore the concept of biodiversity, warning coloration, and mimicry using examples of rainforest plants and animals. Finally, students learn about medicines that come from the rainforest and how it is affected by deforestation and climate change. tropical rainforest virtual tour

What do teachers say about the Tropical Rainforest Virtual Field Trip?

One teacher who took her 6th grade students on a trip to the Tropical Rainforest gave it 5 stars and said “This was a great virtual resource for my science unit!” Another teacher, who used the virtual field trip with her 4th, 5th, and 6th graders with learning difficulties, also gave it 5 stars and said “This was fantastic!” Click here to check out the Tropical Rainforest Virtual Tour for yourself!  

Other Interactive Virtual Field Trips

If the Statue of Liberty sounds like fun, here are some others that my students have been enjoying:

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