When a Colleague is Absent….

There are 3 kinds of coworkers……

  1. The ones who largely ignore it when you are absent. “Oh, you were sick?”
  2. The ones who resent your absence. They are actively rude to your sub. “I don’t know what she wants you to do with her classes. You should call her.” They refuse to help your students. “You’ll have to wait until she’s back.” They complain about your absence to administration or to the association or both. “You should really monitor so-and-so’s attendance more closely.” These people are evil. If you have one of these people in your life, avoid them.
  3. The ones who circle the wagons, reassure you by text that everything’s fine, make copies for your sub, and give your students extra help during their lunch periods. These people are angels on Earth. If you have even one of them, buy them coffee this morning.

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