Absolute Age Calculations Picture Reveal Self Checking Worksheet



This is a great no prep self-checking activity to review absolute dating calculations. Students need to answer 20 questions to reveal the riddle. For each question they get correct, part of an image is revealed. Once all the questions are answered correctly, students will see the whole image (“What do you call a really smart bird? Owl-bert Einstein”).


Includes questions such as:

  • A fossil contains 1/8 parent isotope. How many half lives has the fossil been through?
  • A 3000 year old rock contains an isotope with a half life of 1500 years. __% of the rock is daughter isotope.
  • An isotope has a half life of 60 years. How old is a fossil that contains 6.25% parent isotope?

Easy to use – you’ll be purchasing a PDF with a forced copy link to a Google Sheet. Share with your students, allowing each of them to make a copy.

Answer key included.


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