‘Twas the Night Before Break

Twas the night before break, in the science class.empty classroom

Excitement was brewing, a feeling so vast.

The students were restless, with minds all astray,

Anticipating the freedom, the end of the day.


In the classroom, the buzz was very loud,

As they wrapped up the year, the teacher felt proud.

The whiteboard adorned with equations so grand,

Lessons taught, experiments planned.


The periodic table stood proud on the wall,

Elements and compounds, they knew them all.

From atoms to galaxies, they journeyed through space,

Exploring the wonders, at an electrifying pace.


But on this last eve, nostalgia took hold.

Emotions ran deep, memories untold.

The teacher looked back, reflecting with grace,

On the journey they’ve shared, the challenges they faced.


The classroom, a canvas, where dreams took flight,

Imagination sparked, like stars in the night.

They nurtured young minds, kindling a flame,

Igniting a passion for science’s noble aim.


As the final bell chimed, marking the end,

A bittersweet feeling, a message to send.

For in this farewell, a new chapter begins,

As the students move forward, their future wins.


So they bid adieu, with hearts full and bright,

Knowing they’ve made a difference, with all their might.

Twas the night before break, a poignant scene,

As the science classroom rests, awaiting the next dream.

Enjoy your well deserved break, Teachers. You’ve made a difference this year.

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