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I’m a mediocre multitasker. I can make a phone call while I’m walking the dog. I can listen to an audio book while I clean the bathroom. I can grade papers on hall duty. But I still don’t have enough time to get everything done. At the end of the week, I haven’t reached the end of my to-do list. Ever.

Does that sound familiar? Maybe we can help each other out. For the past 3 years, I’ve been working on this little store. I’ve made middle school science resources and sold them to thousands of teachers around the world. I like to think that I’m making their lives easier because they don’t have to do the prep work, and they’re making my life easier because I can afford to put gas in my car this week. There are a few hundred resources in my store – click here for a catalog if you’re interested.

But here’s where I need your help. I’ve got it mostly all covered – every content area and every type of resource. Let me know what kinds of resources and what topics you need, and I’ll help you out by sending you something for free. Fill out this form if you’ve got 2 minutes to help me out!


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