Virtual Visit to the Statue of Liberty

statue of liberty virtual tour

What is an Interactive Virtual Field Trip

There are times when talking about something just isn’t good enough. Great examples are glaciers, deserts and canyons. There are still plenty of places I want my middle school science students to “visit” that just aren’t possible. An interactive virtual field trip allows students to learn about a remote location, as well as its geology and ecosystem, without leaving their desks. Incorporating videos and interesting articles to read along with some guided questions allows students to experience places they would ordinarily not be able to go.

How do you do an interactive virtual field trip?

The format for your interactive virtual field trip can be any format that your students can access. The virtual field trips I use in my classroom are all hyperdocs with links to videos and articles embedded along with guided questions.

The Statue of Liberty

statue of liberty virtual field trip

The virtual field trip to the Statue of Liberty begins at the National Park Services website

Students begin by reading about the history of the Statue and answering some guided questions. They’ll learn about the origins of the Statue as well as how it was designed.


statue of liberty virtual tour

As students continue the virtual tour, they’ll learn some interesting trivia about the Statue. For example, did you know that the Statue of Liberty is built on the former Fort Wood which was a strategic spot to protect New York from an enemy assault?

statue of Liberty virtual tour

More trivia that students will learn is that the Statue of Liberty is 305 feet 1 inch tall and was shipped to the United States in 214 crates which weighted 225 tons. Climbing to the crown requires climbing 354 steps and the Statue was closed for 8 years after the 911 terrorist attacks.

Statue of Liberty Virtual Tour

The Statue of Liberty virtual tour also includes a peak into Ellis Island. Ellis Island currently houses an museum but it was once the main immigration building which processed immigrants. The island also includes a former hospital for immigrants which was built to hold 125 patients but sometimes held up to 500.


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What do teachers say about the Statue of Liberty Virtual Field Trip?

One teacher who took her 7th grade students on a trip to the Statue of Liberty gave it 5 stars and said “Great virtual field trip…especially nice for an emergency sub plan.” Another teacher, who used the virtual field trip with her 5th graders with learning difficulties, also gave it 5 stars and said “Super resource 🙂 My students loved it!” 

Another reviewer said “This was an engaging resource for a year without field trips…or any year!” If the pandemic has given your students some cabin fever, this might be a good solution. The Statue of Liberty virtual field trip also earned 5 stars from a reviewer who said “Great resource!”


Other Interactive Virtual Field Trips

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