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Students come in all sizes and shapes. Some students understand concepts more easily, and some struggle a bit. Some finish assignments fast and some need remediation. I always have at least one or two enrichment activities on hand for my middle school science students to grab when they’re ahead of the pack.

An activity my students are loving right now is Science Wordle. In the game Wordle, there is a mystery 5 letter word. For each turn, you guess a 5 letter word and learn if any of the letters are correct or in the correct spot. The goal is to guess in 6 tries or less. In Wordle for middle school science, there are a few dozen words students can pick from – some with 5 letters and some with 6. Each game takes 2-3 minutes to play so this is a great activity for those few minutes at the end of class when the fastest students are done and the others need some more catch up time.

If you want to download an editable copy and make your own words, click here.

Have fun with Wordle for middle school science!

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