Atomic Structure Magic Picture Reveal Worksheet

What are Magic Picture Reveal Worksheets?

Any time you can make learning and reviewing vocabulary fun, do it!

Magic Picture Reveal worksheets are digital vocabulary or practice worksheets created using conditional formatting on Google Sheets. As students correctly answer each question, a few pixels of a magic picture are revealed. Once they get all of the answers correct, the whole picture is revealed. are a great way to engage students and reward them for learning their vocabulary.  Here’s a breakdown of how to create your own magic picture reveal worksheets digitally. As a self-checking activity, magic picture worksheets are the best!

It’s easy for students to self-check their work and they’re engaged while doing so.

How does the atomic structure magic picture work?

The atomic structure magic picture reveals an image of a snowman in a snow globe when all of the answers are correct.

It starts out with a blank screen and 25 questions.

atomic structure digital worksheet

Each question asks students to correctly calculate either the protons, neutrons, electrons, atomic number, or mass number of an atom given other information. For example, the first question asks how many electrons there are in an atom with 3 protons and 4 neutrons. Entering the correct answer, 3, reveals some of the pixels of the picture.

atomic structure digital worksheet

The pixels that are revealed all contain the conditional formatting “=$E$4=3” which tells the individual pixels to be a certain color if the correct answer, 3, is entered into cell E4.

The second question asks how many neutrons are in an atom with atomic number 9 and mass number 17. The correct answer, 8, reveals a few more pixels.atomic structure digital worksheet

The new pixels that are revealed wit that answer all contain the conditional formatting “=$E$5=8” which tells the individual pixels to be a certain color if the correct answer, 8, is entered into cell E5.

Finally, when all of the answers are correctly identified, the entire picture is revealed.

atomic structure digital worksheetWhat do teachers say about the atomic structure digital worksheet?

Teachers have unanimously given the atomic structure digital picture reveal worksheet resource 5 stars. One teacher said, “Students loved it. I will definably buy more of your magic reveal resources!” Another teacher called it a great resource and said, “I love that this self corrects and is so simple to use!” 

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How can you create your own magic picture reveal worksheet?

To create your own magic picture puzzle, check out my blog post “Magic Picture Reveal Digital Worksheets.”

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