Amazing Animal of the Week – Lava Lizards!

This week’s Amazing Animal of the Week are the lava lizards of the Galapagos.

File:Galápagos Lava Lizard 02 (cropped).jpg

Lava lizards range in size from 2-4 inches plus tail. Males are more colorful and have a crest of spined scales running down the length of the body. Females have a cheek patch of salmon to red when they reach reproductive maturity.

Super abundant on the Galapagos, lava lizards are very territorial. They are this week’s amazing animal of the week because of a fantastic display that male lava lizards put on to ward off other males. When a male lava lizard is afraid that another male will encroach on his territory, he does a strange dance that resembles pushups. This dance makes the male appear larger and stronger and appears to be an attempt to dissuade other males from starting a fight. Intruding males might participate in a push up contest.

What do you think? Pretty amazing, right?

Lava lizards are preyed upon by hawks, snakes, and might even be cannibalized by other lava lizards.

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