How do you give notes?

Teaching with the NGSS means that much of the content is explored rather than lectured, but there are times when you have to present vocabulary, concepts, or history in a lecture style. I tend to do this for less than 5-10 minutes at a time, but nonetheless, there are times when I “give notes” like teachers did 30 years ago. How do you give notes? More specifically, how do you give notes now that you have a variety of face to face, hybrid, and virtual students on any given day?

The 2 main ways that I give notes are:

  1. Standard slide show and cloze notes. This has the benefit of being familiar to students. In person students can complete the cloze notes on paper and digital students can complete the cloze notes on a Google doc.
  2. Interactive Notes. When I use interactive notes, students pay attention to my discussion, often led with a SlideShow, but then they drag and drop the correct answers into boxes on their own version of the SlideShow. This has the benefit of requiring that students have to write less and therefore (we hope) pay attention a little bit more.

Currently, in my TpT store, I have interactive notes available for the following topics:


So, how do you give notes?



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