Solar System Picture Reveal Digital Worksheet

Students are intrinsically curious about the solar system and love learning about it, but everyone could use a little practice learning the facts of the planets. How are you making it more engaging for students, especially during this rollercoaster of face-to-face, hybrid, remote learning? Magic Picture Reveal worksheets are a great way to engage students and reward them for learning their solar system facts.

In a magic picture reveal worksheet, students answer questions like “Which planet has the Great Red Spot?” or “A __ eclipse occurs when the Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon.” As each question is answered correctly, a few pixels of the magic picture are revealed. Students can self-check their work – if pixels weren’t revealed when they typed in an answer, they didn’t get it right. After all of the answers are correct, the entire picture is revealed.

Here is a video preview of the magic picture reveal worksheet on Solar System facts:


For more solar system lesson plan ideas, visit my Solar System travel brochure blog here.

Solar System travel brochure problem based learning activity
Solar System travel brochure problem based learning activity

If you’d like to learn how to make your own magic picture reveal worksheets, I’ve posted step by step directions on my blog post Magic Picture Reveal Digital Worksheets. It looks more complicated than it is, I promise!

New to my store this week is a line of picture reveal worksheets. Preview the Simple Machines Digital Reveal Worksheet here.

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