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If you’ve been playing with Boom cards a little while, you probably have seen some decks that use a drag and drop feature. It’s a little more interesting for students than the simple multiple choice questions so today let’s take a look at how to create a drag and drop question.

Drag and drop features have many options. An easy one to start with is “Drag the correct answer here,” which essentially function like multiple choice cards. Another one is “Label the picture with the correct words.”

Here’s how to use the drag and drop feature for a multiple choice question:

  1. Create your template card.
  2. Write a question including the directions to drag the answer somewhere. In this example, I’ve used a rock as my “Drop Zone.”
  1. The answer choices must each be in their own Button, Text box or Image. In this example, I’ve used buttons.

4. Click on the image or location you want to be your Drop Zone and then click on the “Droop Zone” option on the right menu. A little purple flag will appear in your Drop Zone to show you that you’ve finished this step.

5. Click on all of your buttons (Shift and hold as you click each one to select them all at once). Then, click the “Draggable” option on the right side menu. A small round Drag icon will appear on each button to show you that you’ve completed this step.

6. To choose the correct answer, click on the Drag icon on the correct answer and drag it to the Drop Zone flag. A purple line will appear to show you that you’ve connected the correct Draggable to the Drop Zone.

7. When you Preview this slide, you’ll see that the other 3 buttons are wrong when you drag them to the Drop Zone but the button you’ve chosen as correct gets you the Ding for correct.


Here’s how to use the drag and drop feature to label a diagram:

  1. Write your question. If you insert an entire diagram as your drop zone, then any place in the diagram will be correct. If you want each piece of the diagram to be labeled differently, you have to insert the diagram in pieces. Tag each piece of the diagram with a Draggable flag.

2. Add the labels as Text, buttons, or images and tag each of them as Draggable items.

3. For each Draggable, click on the Drag icon. Then, drag and drop it onto the correct Drop Zone flag. Lines will appear connecting the answers to the diagram.

4. Check in the Preview tab that you’ve marked everything correctly.


Comment with a link to the preview of your advanced Boom Cards so we can all admire what you’ve created!



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