Top 3 Science Teacher TED Talks

In 15 minutes or less, a TED talk can inspire, inform, and invigorate you. Here are my top 3 for science teachers:

Hey science teachers – make it fun

We’ve all assigned something we thought was fascinating and students don’t react in the way we thought they would. Tyler DeWitt makes a compelling argument that scientific vocabulary makes interesting topics inaccessible for the average student, and aren’t we all more interested in having students understand rather than memorize?

Teach teachers how to create magic

Teacher training programs aren’t engaging. How can we expect them to create engaging teachers? Yet we have educators who can engage and teach their audience. Where did they come from? They learned the skills of motivational story telling from places other than teacher preparation programs. They learned the magic of great teaching by engaging in the community with powerful and motivational speakers.

This virtual lab will revolutionize science class

Just like pilots are trained in simulated airplanes, students should be exposed to simulated experiments to be engaged in science. Experiments that are dangerous or expensive can be accessible to students using virtual environments, turning science into an experience more like a video game.

The best part about TED talks is that they can inspire you to think outside the box. The worst thing about TED talks is that thinking outside the box isn’t something we’re often allowed to do. Go on. Take a step out. You’ll be glad you did 🙂

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