3 Great Science Podcasts

When I’m going for a jog or cooking dinner or sewing masks, I like to listen to podcasts. I have a bunch of favorites, but the 3 I want to talk about today are really super for science teachers. They provide great content that I can always find ways to incorporate into my lessons.

  • 60 Second Science by Scientific American – Almost daily, this podcast delivers something newsworthy in less than a minute. Nice to keep up on science news, but also nice to peruse the archives for specific topics.
  • Science Rules! with Bill Nye – Everyone’s perennial favorite science teacher, Bill Nye brings in experts on many fields to answer the questions that listeners ask. Episodes drop irregularly but average about once a week. The last few months have been dedicated to the science of coronavirus but scroll back in the archives for in depth discussions on topics as varied as regeneration, memory, Einstein, vitamins, GMOs, and a ton of others, all told in the user friendly approachable style Bill Nye is famous for.
  • Science vs – This is my new favorite. Host Wendy Zukerman is very entertaining as she examines a topic every week and presents data on both sides of the issue before drawing a conclusion. Like Bill Nye, this podcast dedicated a few months to coronavirus coverage but the archives include topics like police shootings, DNA kits, getting more sleep, 5G, vaping and vaccines.

Try them out and let me know what you think!

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