Top 3 Coronavirus TED Talks

We’ve been bombarded with the news and anyone with an television,radio, or computer has probably had all they can take about Coronavirus. TED offers a few interesting pieces of information that I haven’t seen anywhere else so I thought I’d share them with you.

Social distancing, closed gyms, salons and restaurants, face masks – how long will it go on? Alex Rosenthal offers some advice in When is a pandemic over? The pandemic continues, he asserts, until herd immunity is achieved. The 3 strategies he discusses – Race through it, Delay and vaccinate, and Coordinate and crush – offer different scenarios but Rosenthal suggests that Delay and vaccinate is the slow and steady approach that will result in the fewest deaths and in the greatest achievement in scientific knowledge to prevent future pandemics.

A virus detection network to stop the next pandemic offers some hope that this won’t happen again if we learn the lessons we need to learn from the pandemic now. Detection of viruses quickly coupled with connecting with other health care providers throughout the world offers the ability to coordinate systems and empowers health care workers.

Finally, Which is better: soap or hand sanitizer? offers a little insight into how to keep yourself from getting infected.

If watching the news cycle through the frightening things causes you distress, these three TED talks might give you the information you need without all the panic.

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