Are you preparing for Distance Learning?

Whether your State has been hit by the Coronavirus or not, the admins in your district are probably thinking about a contingency plan in case they have to close school.

Some states have approved distance learning as an alternative if the local or state board of health forces schools to close. What are the best ways to maintain some academic continuity while working remotely?

Unless teachers are prepared well in advance and can print reams of paper worksheets and documents for students to take home for the duration, the only reasonable way to accomplish distance learning is going to be digitally.

Here are a few ideas I’ve been throwing around. I’d love to hear your ideas too.

  1. Skype or other video conferencing software. If you have the students sign in to a group call at the regular class time, you can do mini lessons in real time which can be followed up by digital assignments on Google Classroom or via email.
  2. Videotape mini lessons – easy enough using your cell phone. Follow up with a more individualized personalized email or phone conference and/or with an assignment via email or Google Classroom.
  3. Digital activities that work to extend the curriculum:
    1. quizzes
    2. digital Breakouts
    3. games
    4. review activities
    5. Cloze reading
  4. Massive Open Online Courses

I would love to hear how you envision distance learning happening in your district.

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