Introducing Myself

Who am I and what am I doing here?

Hi and welcome to my blog!

My name is Jayzee I have been teaching science for more than 30 years. I spent a few years teaching 6th grade earth science, a few years teaching 10th grade biology, another few years teaching 11th grade chemistry, a dozen or so years teaching 7th grade life science and 8th grade physical/chemical science, and a few years teaching 12th grade electives including anatomy and physiology, weather, astronomy, and earth science. Most of this was in 1 district although I have moved once or twice to climb the salary ladder.  

What am I doing here?

  • Because teaching is very isolating if you let it be. There are days when talking to nothing but teenagers changes the way you think. When I start to think that posting videos on TikTok is a great idea or that the new SnapChat filter is cool, I know it’s time to reach out to my amazing coworkers for some adult time.
  • Every good idea, in teaching and otherwise, is better when it’s shared. If I have a great idea for the classroom and I use it with my 90 students, the world is a better place for those 90 students. But if I share it with 10 other teachers? Well, you can do the math.

I absolutely love what I do, and I wouldn’t quit even if I won the lottery.

This has been my mantra for the 30+ years I’ve been in the classroom, and I hope it remains my mantra until I retire.

And it’s true. I love engaging the kids, crafting new lessons, watching the lightbulbs brighten.

So please let me know I’m not just writing thing into a void! (Although, to be honest, talking to oneself is still better than not talking.) I’d love a comment or an email at

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